Wednesday, 9 July 2014


As you are probably aware, a few days ago le Tour de France was in the UK  Not just anywhere in the UK but, for at least some of the time, in Yorkshire. My 'bit' of Yorkshire to be precise.  Yes, the le Tour came to Sheffield!  And not only that, it came within a few hundred meters from our front door.

This was incredibly exciting - from our own personal perspective - for a number of reasons...
  1. It isn't often that a massive sporting event almost passes by your very own house - we even had 'official' tour bunting strung along our street!
  2. It was a real opportunity for the whole family to get involved in the fun, not least the making of decorations - we may have gone a little overboard...(see photos below!!)
  3. The local community embraced the chance to celebrate the event together. From the annual festival in the Park extending to run over two days in order to become a le Tour Spectator Hub, to the gathering of local residents to watch the screening of a vintage French film in the Park after closing hours on the evening before race day.
The atmosphere on the day was electric. I speak as someone who rarely buys into sports events beyond trying to 'join in' with The Husband and The Ten Year Old who are sport mad, I can honestly say that I was overcome with how exciting it was to witness both the build-up and the actual race. We had bucket loads of fun in the sunshine alongside friends and neighbours.

All in all, magnifique!

It was exactly what we needed.  A very welcome distraction to our current frustrations in packing to move house and the associated delays on completing sales and purchases, the seemingly endless conversations with solicitors and estate agents and the feeling of wanting to scream out loud on an almost hourly basis.  But that's another story for a different day.

In the meantime, I will leave you with these....