Monday, 30 December 2013

Letter to The (now) Ten Year Old on his birthday

Dear J,
Today you are ten.  Ten years old.  It is clich├ęd of me to ask, but, how did the time pass by so quickly?
I am finding it hard to believe that you have already lived a complete decade of your life.  I am increasingly aware that it is likely that we have already enjoyed more years of living in the same house now than the number of years ahead of us of sharing a home.  I'm not at all sure that I like this idea!  I often wonder of what lies ahead of you, what adventures await?
I have loved seeing you grow from a beautiful baby to an inquisitive toddler and now to being the boy you have become as you continue to develop in confidence and personality.   You really are a wonderful person who is - almost always ;-) - lovely to be around.  So often, you impress me with your thoughtfulness and your generosity, your humour and sharp wit.
Sometimes you and I are too hard on ourselves, and occasionally we are too hard on each other.  There are of course times when you and I frustrate or annoy each other.  My endless questions about your school day.  Your lack of answers :-) My low levels of interest and ability in some of the things you love the most, namely football and Xbox. Your dislike of my 'encouragement' for you to do your homework.  But as each day passes we learn from each other and each do our best to appreciate our differences as well as enjoying our common ground.
As you move in to your second decade upon this fine earth, be safe in the knowledge that you are loved and supported more than you could ever fully know. I am looking forward with eager anticipation - albeit tinged slightly with a mothers apprehension - to seeing you become the man you are yet to be.
Happy birthday my gorgeous boy.

All my love always