Monday, 28 October 2013

100 word challenge for grown ups #111 - The truth of day


The sun streamed through the tiny gap that sat between the otherwise closed curtains. 

With the light of a new day resting upon her slightly parted eyelids, she could no longer deny the reality of the hours that stretched out before her.  What would the day bring with it? She was reticent about fully opening her eyes.  It was almost as if the daylight held a certain kind of power over her that she needed to resist.

The hours of the night before had been long and lonely.  Lonely in spite of the warmth of the body that still lay stretched out beside her. 
More 100 words - plus the additional four words from the prompt "...the sun streamed through" - over at Julia's Place


  1. This seems to be close to a change that's about to happen.. such loneliness is the worst kind