Thursday, 17 January 2013

'...the notes from the piano...'

... is the prompt for this weeks 100 Word Challenge For Grown Ups - week#73.

 100WCGU (7)

Here is my entry:-

He was expecting her.  A gentle push at the already slightly ajar door allowed her to enter in to the hallway silently.   The bitter-sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee enveloped  her  senses, inviting her further in to the sprawling apartment.   

It was as if he knew her already.  Knew how she would respond.  She stepped carefully out of her shoes and slipped off her heavy winter coat before tip-toe-ing along the parquet floor of the corridor that lay before her.  As yet, unwilling to announce her arrival.

All the while, the notes from the piano rose in to the air and danced around her head.
It's been a while since i took part in the 100WC.  I've missed it.  I like the challenge of having to stick to a strict word count with the prompts pushing me to write stories that I wouln't usually put my mind to.
Find links to more 'grown up'entries at Julia's Place and take a look at the 100WC for young people.  I've recently become a member of the Team100WC which means I'm part of a group of people who regularly read and comment on entries on 100WC for young people - I am hugely impressed by what I have read so far on the school blogs I have looked at.  So impressed that I want to encourage The Nine Year Old's school to take part.  Please go and have a look at the great creative writing that children from all over the UK and beyond are doing and if you have time to leave a comment please do so as it provides so much encouragement to our young writers. 

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  1. Nice, I can feel a real romantic tension building all the way from her arrival to the tones played. Nice!