Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Of all the slippers in all the world, what, I wonder, is it about these slippers that screams to The Female Parent (aka my Mum and usually very good present choosing generous woman who is both loved and appreciated) "BUY THESE FOR YOUR DAUGHTER"!!!!!

The call seems to be so loud and clear that I have received almost identical pairs of these slippers for at least the last three Christmases.

I know it sounds ungrateful. I don't mean to be. Not at all.  But...they are not only lilac, they also come complete with ribbon bows - pink and MORE lilac, topped off with tiny teeny weeny pink and LILAC buttons.  They are fancy.  Some would say, fussy.

Now. Don't get me wrong.  The comfort is all there.  Snugly warm feet when encased in said slippers? Check!

But they are sooooooooooooo very very very extremely very girly.  And that's just not me.  I admit to liking some prettiness in some things, but mostly when it comes to clothes and shoes and SLIPPERS, I'm more of a simple lines, tomboy type of a gal - albeit one that likes to wear dresses, mainly worn with clumpy boots and a long chunky cardigan.  Obviously.

And so it begs the question:- What is behind the lilac slipper buying, present giving, shenanigans of The Female Parent?

I have two leading theories:-

1)  This is a last ditch attempt at making me more girly.  Having realised that at the grand old age of 41 I probably will not be growing long flowing locks like those from circa 1979 and that yes, I will insist on keeping on having the hair chopped off and will do so even more when I am told "what a shame it is".

2)  These are the slippers The Female Parent would choose for herself.  Hell yes.  Moreover, these are the slippers I would choose to give to The Female Parent who loves to wear lilac - and why not, she wears it very well - and who is far more appreciative than I of the prettiness in a clothing or footwear item .

So there we have it.  Another year of lilac slipper wearing.

What do your slippers say about you?

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