Friday, 25 January 2013

100WC for grown ups #74 - 'Singing for his supper'

The prompt for this weeks 100 word challenge is this:-  '...the extreme weather meant...'.

Along with these words, and a timely reminder from a friend on Facebook to put out food for our feathered friends in the snowy conditions, I came up with this little story...
Singing for his supper
The extreme weather meant that the tiny bird found himself to be in a bit of a quandary.  His favourite hunting haunts had been adversely affected by the cold white stuff that now surrounded him.   At almost every turn, he found himself face to face with cold wet surfaces that covered up, or frightened away,  the food that was usually so readily available.

He had no choice but to sit and wait – curled up as tightly as he could, his brown speckled feathers plumped out, he perched on the tip of a snow covered branch and sang as sweetly as he ever had before...
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  1. You painted such a lovely picture with your words.

  2. Oh what a lovely piece this is. Indeed a hard time for our feathered friends.