Monday, 3 December 2012

The Inbetweeners

"I'm at that inbetween stage"

...texted The Husband from upstairs (yes, ridiculous to be texting each other from within the same house, I completely blame modern technology) where he is rearranging our bedroom furniture.  We had been toying with the idea of rearranging our bedroom for some time but that is all it had been, talk.  We had, however, been propelled into action following a recent leaking roof incident that had found me laid in bed with rain dripping on to my nose!!

After not being able to locate the point of the leak in our recently re-tiled roof (don't get me started on that...) we had decided to move the bed and wait for the next heavy rainfall to attempt to catch the leak in full flow.  Basically, we plan to avoid the issue.

Moving the bed sounds like a relatively simple thing to do doesn't it?  Not if your bedroom is the room in the house that acts as the base for all the stray objects from all of the other rooms in the house that find themselves with nowhere to 'live.  The result?  We basically sleep in a junk room that couldn't be further from a restful or romantic boudoir.  As it is, we're usually so sleepy when we climb into bed at night  that we drift of to sleep as soon as are heads hit the pillow regardless of the random homeless objects that surround us..  As for anything more than sleep... well, in the snatched moments that life with two children currently allows, we have the rest of the house... ;)

With the bedroom furniture successfully rearranged we still, two weeks later, have a mountain of laundry to sort, Henry the vacuum cleaner to rehouse, a couple of handfuls of loose change, batteries, tiny Lego pieces and as yet unidentified objects that need to be sorted. 

And so, here we remain, in the ongoing inbetween stage.  The bit where it tends to get worse, before it gets better. 

Any more 'inbetweeners' out there?  Make us feel better by sharing your stories as a 'comment' below - you know how it works by now!