Monday, 27 August 2012


Ok.  Time to own up.  Who stole Summer?

I'm not even making reference to the less than tropical weather conditions of the last few months. 

No.  I'm talking about time.  Where have the last few weeks and months gone?  The school summer holidays have positively flown by.  We're already having to think about new school shoes and uniforms.

I for one am not ready for the onslaught of September.  And no, the promise of a so called 'Indian Summer' isn't helping with that.  Actually, the very idea of it is like rubbing salt into the wound with the Sun grinning and saying "Ha, I refused to shine the whole time you were able to kick back and take it easy but not you're all back to the daily slog then here I am to mock you!!". 

With September comes the return to school, nervous anticipation of a new class and the academic year stretching out ahead, seemingly endless.  It's much the same for me in my work at a local University.  September is a notoriously busy time.  It's enough to make we want to lay down in a darkened room just thinking about it.

Usually I feel like September is an opportunity for a new start after replenshing energy levels over the Summer months. I generally embrace the cooler, crisper months of Autumn with it's rich earthy colours and see this time as the calm before the excitement of Christmas and all that comes with that!

Not this year though.  Energy stores are currently low and spitits are dipping before we even begin to think seriously about the potential drudge of Winter.

Hmmph.  In  a word.  Hmmph.

How are you feeling about the end of Summer?  Are you raring to get back into normal life having had enough of school holidays and empty promises of hot weather and balmy nights that never were?.

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