Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #17

Bank Holiday Monday...

The Husband: "Ok, so now we've sold the (huge, reclaimed oak, gorgeous, heavy, cumbersome) dining table we could sort out the (chipped, scuffed, scruffy) painted floor before we put another table in there.  We could make a start tomorrow.  I'd like to hire a sander though so we can get a better finish."

The Father-in-law (visiting for the day):  "You could sand it right back to the wood and varnish it".

The Husband:  "Yeah, it would look nice.  We'd need to do the hall and living room though 'cos it all runs into one with having no carpets in any of the downstairs rooms".

Me:  " There's no way I can face all that dust, it would be a nightmare.  The only way that is going to happen is if you send me and the boys on a weeks holiday".

The Husband: "Hmmm." 

Later that very same day...

Me:  I've had a rethink.  In fact, I've had a complete change of heart and think we should sand the floors back to wood.  It's not really like us to be put off by a bit of dust and upheaval is it?"

The Husband (more than a little taken aback at the complete, and somewhat uncharacteristic, turnaround):  "Yeah?" 

Since then, we've hired and collected a floor sander and are now knee deep in sawdust.  The floors are coming up lovely though :)


  1. somewhat uncharacteristic??! x

    1. Erm, yes. I'm usually very sure of my opion. Are we about to have a public domestic? Jx

  2. This made me smile :-)

    Mainly because my OH would never undertake such a task. I think you are very fortunate, hope it's all done and lovely now x.

    1. Thanks Lesley. I am very fortunate in that The Husband and I can usually reach a mutual agreement - and he will, more often than not give way to the things I'd like to do to the house - but don't go thinking this means that The Husband does all of the work...very much a joint effort!

      All of the heavy work is done now and it does look lovely, we're very happy we decided to go ahead, although we may well be sanding around the edges for the rest of our natural lives!! Jx