Thursday, 14 June 2012

I have survived!

I have completed my first week at work.

'Work' being the day job that I returned to on Monday marking the end of my year's maternity leave.  It's been ok.  It's gone well.  Better than expected.  And if a working week is complete by Wednesday lunchtime then I can't complain now can I?

The Husband is enjoying a couple of weeks off at the moment which has meant The Baby has had a few days at home with Daddy and I've had the peace of mind that all is well at home and I can just get on with getting back into the swing of this work thing. 

In many ways, I think I got the easier deal this week as The Baby has been suffering with more teeth coming through.  As a result he's been a little grumpy and very clingy.  What with that, and the fact that our house is once again in disarray whilst we are having the kitchen floor tiled, then you could say that The Husband has had a baptism of fire to his new part-time role of being solely in charge at home!

Just one thing I'm not too impressed I really have to go back to work each and every Monday morning? I'm not sure I'm too keen on that idea...


  1. Hurrah! well done to you and to the husband by the sound of things!

    And I'm with you we should really write off going back each and every Monday for good behaviour!

    R x

  2. LOL - going back to work is a nice idea but every week!? That's a bit much.

  3. Hope all is well back at work! You are amazing to be returning to work and starting up a business at the same time. Best of luck with the business, it looks fabulous and I would love to have your china and styling at my party that's for sure!

    1. Thank you for your comment lovely lady - I only just stumbled across it 'awaiting moderation'!

      Work is going ok, better than I had anticipated. And it's good that the business is something that we can build our own boundaries with so hopefully we can keep everything managable!