Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tongue in cheek

With Julia -, the mighty fine host of the wonder that is the "100 word challenge" - on her travels in New York, this weeks (5 word) prompt is rather fitting:-

I contemplated these words with iconic images of New York in my mind...the elegant sophistication of the Manhattan brownstone houses...the bright yellow taxis...the earthiness of the Bronx...the grandeur of Brooklyn Bridge  And then I dismissed all of those images and wrote these 100 (toungue-in-cheek) words instead....

Put simply, Liberty loved it at Empire.  It was the best club in town.  It was enormous.  And that dance floor…bright zingy yellow and deep apple green flashing squares that seemed to bounce as you stepped on to them.
A couple (of gallons) of mojitos and the world of Empire was her oyster. 

All eyes would be on her.  Hands in the air, hips rotating, mouthing the words to her favourite dance ‘toons’ - how would anyone be able to resist her?

She slithered into her new dress, popped on her seven inch heels and stepped out into the night.


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  1. A great take on the words. Loved it.

    1. Thank you :) It's tricky sometimes trying to come up with something original so it's fun to play around with different styles

  2. Very nicely done! My knees are aching though at the mere thought of seven inch heels.

    1. ...mine too! I'd have no chance in anything near as hight to a seven inch heel!!

  3. Great !! Loved the images this conjured up-7 inch heels lol
    Really made me laugh :D

  4. Seven inch heels - this woman has style :0)

  5. I needed to read something light to offset my dark one. Yours hit the mark.