Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I'm sharing this with those of you who have been privy to my thoughts and concerns about returning to work to a job I haven't done before - long story...should you wish to, you could read about it herehere, and here.

Well.  Don't go telling anyone.  But, I went into work again today for a couple of hours (I'm returning 'proper' in a couple of weeks time).  And.  I almost.  Very nearly. Enjoyed it.  :o

Sssshhhh...don't tell anyone.

It's just between us.

After all, I wouldn't want to pass up the opportunity of sympathy and martyrdom would I ;)


  1. That is super news. I hope you took the opportunity while you were there to go to the loo on your own as well. Add that to the list of benefits re working!

  2. Did you manage a whole cup of coffee while it was still hot? Did you enjoy the fact that your clothes stayed in place and unstained for the duration? I also dreaded returning to real life but it turned out to be the best thing - for me and the baby.