Monday, 28 May 2012


You may have noticed that posting on this blog is a liitle thinner on the ground of late than it has been in previous times.  Life is picking up speed and feeling busier right now, mainly in a good way. 

That, and the fact that the sun is shining which always reduces tthe desire to sit indoors tapping away on the lap top - and sitting outdoors tapping away on the laptop whilst being blinded by the glare is really no fun by anyones standards.

I am in my final two weeks of maternity leave before I head back to work.  I still have mixed feelings about this butI  am mostly reconcilled to the idea now.  I went in to work last week for a couple of hours, and am aimung to do the same this week.  By doing so,  I've realised there are personal benefits beyond those of earning cash and being able to pay our bills over the coming months. 

By going to work I get to wear clothes that are less than baby friendly.  I can wear a necklace or earings without The Baby trying to swing from them like a circus monkey (whatever a circus monkey is?!).  It feels good.

I also get to walk around without The Baby semi-permanently attached to my left hip. As a result,  I get to use both hands to do stuff. 

I can finish a conversation rather than be distracted mid-flow to rescue The Baby from some precarious position he's hauled hmself into - he's not one to be content with sitting or crawling.

And the best bit?  I get to lunch with friends.  Just me and them.  No kids.  No responsibilities for a little while...bliss.

Of cousre, I'm only heading back to work for two and a half days a week.  And we are lucky to have family nearby who are happy to help out with childcare which makes the situation a whole lot easier for me.

Naturally, I'll miss The Baby, but it makes it worth being away from him just to feel that surge of love that rises in my chest when I get back home to him and he smiles up at me me with that big toothy grin of his, his eyes wide and blinking as he gazes up at me adoringly.  Nothing else in the world can make me feel quite as special or important as that look from The Baby.  Experience with The Eight Year Old tells me that the adoring look won't last forever so best make the most of it!

So what else is making life busy at the moment?  More about that tomorrow...unless of course the sun is shining again...or the busy things are keeping me too busy...

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