Thursday, 5 April 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #13 The one about body parts...

Look away now if you are offended by the word 'penis' or 'vagina'...

The Eight Year Old:  "We were learning about body parts at school today"

Me:  "Oh that's good.  Which body parts did you learn about?"

The Eight Year Old:  "We learnt about personal body parts in this bit"

He puts one hand on his chest and the other in the mid-thigh area.

I draw on a vague memory of having read a letter from school about the teaching of sex education.  Only it isn't called that anymore. 

The Eight Year Old:  "This, on a boy"

He points to his own 'personal body part'.

The Eight Year Old:  " called a penis""

Me:  "Yes.  Yes it is".

The Eight Year Old:  "And on a girl, the bits are different and they're called..."

He grapples with trying to remember the word.

The Eight Year Old:  "On a girl it's called a Venus"

I hide a smile.

Me: "A vagina"

The Eight Year Old:  "Yes, that's it, it's called a vagina.  Both men and women have nipples.  BUT.  Women have these raised bits"

He helpfully points to my breasts/boobs/insert word of choice.

Me:  "Yes we do have raised bits".

The Eight Year Old:  "Boys and men don't have those bits.  But we all have nipples".

He heads off to play Pirates Lego.


Apologies to The Eight Year Old if he should ever read this in the future.  It was just too good not to share :)  I love you Eight Year Old.

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