Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Parents evening #2

I have spoken before about Parents Evening at The Eight Year Old's School.  It happens once each term.  That's three times in each academic year.  Just before the Easter Holidays began me and The Husband were up at school for the latest update on The Eight Year Old's progress.

The Eight Year Old's class teacher:  "He's really quite witty isn't he?"

...was the opening line of our conversation.

Me:  "Yes, he certainly has his moments".

As was confirmed later when we looked through his books and came across this...


  1. Brilliant comment. You might like this too.


    Lesley x.

    1. ...like it i do :) Thank you again for the lovely badge, i have now (finally) completed my acceptance mission:

  2. Hilarious - he will go far in life I think! Well done to him and you for nurturing such spirit and imagination.

  3. Thank you for leaving such a great comment :) The Eight Year Old is among the quieter more sensitive children in his class so it completely delights me that his personality and wit shine through regardless of his self consciousness.