Monday, 30 April 2012

The mystery of the empty milk carton

Tidying up yesterday I finally decided to tackle the mystery of the empty milk carton. 

The milk carton in question had been sat on the stairs for a couple of days, along with other items that had gathered there, presumably ready to be taken up and put away.  I say presumably because I'd been chipping away at the items taking a few things with me each time I went upstairs for the previous couple of days but they had, apparently, become invisible to The Husband and The Eight Year Old.

Me to The Husband: "Do you know why this empty milk carton is on the stairs?"

The Husband (slightly sheepishly):  "Oh yeah, I was going to take it out to the recycling"

Me: "...two days ago?!"  

The Husband: "Ok. So I may not be the tidiest person in the world but we must remember that I am very good at a lot of other things"

Me: "...and that is why we are able to live together in spite of the milk cartons in this relationship".

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