Monday, 30 April 2012

Images from Norfolk

The week before last, we were on holiday in one of favourite areas of the UK, Norfolk.  More precisely, we were on holiay in NORTH Norfolk.  I feel the need to clarify this as we were constantly reminded of the 'northern' aspect of our location - by shop signs and advertising everywhere - as demonstrated here:

The 'largest' claim makes me smile.  We also encountered a theatre with the 'smallest stage' and a swimming pool with the 'warmest water'. All in NORTH Norfolk.  Obviously. We do not know how this compares to the South of the region :)

Despite the chilly, and at times drizzly, weather we had a really great holiday.  We stayed in a very nice house overlooking the sea in Sheringham.  One of The (best) Friends joined us for a couple of days, as did The In-Laws.  It was a nice mix, sharing some of the holiday and having the rest of the time to ourselves.

We spent a couple of days on one of my favouite UK beaches at Wells.  It has sand dunes, beach huts aplenty, and a backdrop of pine forest.  It's really very lovely.

We collected 'beach treasure'...

And I drooled over the beach huts - I have a 'thing' about them.

On one of the days we spotted two seals swimming in the shallow waters - only one of them was willing to face the camera.

We drank lots of tea and ate much cake.

A highlight for me was trawling the shops of Holt - lots of gorgeous little gift and interiors shops and antiques hideaways.  Even The Eight Year Old got into the spirit, finding pocket money bargins in the charity shops. The Husband tried to pretend the balloons we purchased in one charity shop were for The Eight Year Old...

We played games, relaxed, talked to each other, ate good food, drank nice wine, and had lots of fun. 

As ever, the week flew by too quickly.On the morning of our last day we waved goodbye to the sea, until next time.

The Husband and I agreed that family holidays, especially with a baby, may not be the most relaxing but as the well-worn saying says, a change is as good as a rest!


  1. ahhh, we love North Norfolk too... Especially Wells X

  2. It sounds lovely - I'd love to visit that part of Norfolk. I've been to Holkam Sands (sp??) and Norwich but that is just about it.
    Eight year olds are lovely, aren't they... It seems a long time ago.
    I have finally had a moment to get near my blog this week - so I have at last posted my delicious award! No time yet to pass it on...
    Thanks again, Ju!