Monday, 23 April 2012

I have a prize

Actually, it's an award.  There is no trophy, but I do get this badge.

The Versatile Blogger Award is given by one blogger to another.  I like it.  It's a way of acknowledging blogs we enjoy and admire.  And it's really very nice to be acknowledged by a fellow blogger.

I was given my badge of blogging lovliness by a woman who lives in Shackleford and is mad about dogs.  Quite fitting then that she goes by the name of 'Mad dog woman of Shackleford'.  You can read lots of good stuff on her blog by clicking here.

In order to accept this badge of blogging honour, before passing on the award to some blogging people out there that I am partial to, I am required to share with you seven facts about me. 

We've been here before - in 'facts about me' land - when I shared these 12 facts about me.  Here's the next instalment:-

  1. I - along with The Husband - am a failing allotmenteer.  We are full of good intentions but in the last two - almost three - years, we've barely got beyond a small potato crop.
  2. I am not the most patient of people.
  3. Sometimes I'm a great Mum.  Other times I'm just getting by the best I can.
  4. I don't deserve to have my teeth when you consider my unhealthy love of sour tasting fizzy sweets.
  5. I want to live by the sea.  For many reasons this isn't yet possible. But give me time.
  6. I am prone to exaggeration for dramatic effect.
  7. I look good in a hat. And as it's FACT that not everyone can carry off the wearing of a hat successfully then I'm quite proud of this.
And now for 15 blogs who Iwould like to pass on this award to.  15 is quite a lot isn't it?. I'm going to start off with 5....

- a very lovely blog that offers up open and honest thoughts about family life and provides some beautiful images.

I'm counting UFO's
 - some fabulous blogging AND pretty little hooky things

- not for the fainthearted.  I initially found motherventing to be a bit 'too much in your face'.  I thought a woman who writes like this must be a bit full of herself really. I was wrong.  And it's not often that I admit to that. I think, I was maybe a bit envious of someone who is willing to write so freely and openly.  I'm not sure that she will thank me for such a playful blogging award but hey, to quote the woman herself "what the feck", I'm going to bestow it on her anyway.

Chipper Nelly
- for all of it's lovliness all of the time.  Simple as that.

Writing from the edge
- becauas every post reads like a wonderfully crafted story that takes you on a little journey.

I now need to go an let these blogging types know that they too have a prize.  And anyone reading this needs to go and have a nosey at the blogs above.  Go on, off you go...there's no excuse not too, I've provided links to the sites and everything.

Thank you again to the Mad dog woman of Shackleford for putting a smile on  my face and a badge on my blog :)


  1. Dear Ju - thank you! Your comment was prize enough without the additional bonus of a blog award! How very kind you are. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog.

  2. Thank you lovely. I would be greedy to accept though as I have a lovely green badge already.

    By the way, I look terrible in hats, am yet to find one that suits me. Very jealous of those that can wear them.

    I shouldn't be surprised though to find that I could have written the other six facts you've written. I will get back to live by the sea again some day for sure xxx

  3. LMAO - not for the fainthearted! Love it. Thanks for bestowing me with this award. I have received it several times already, though - so forgive me for not continuing the meme. I tend to just make up facts about myself now. And I wish I looked good in hats. *jealous face*

  4. Thank you Ju!
    I too ran out of interesting facts a LOOOOOooong time ago (and they weren't that interesting to start with!) but I lo♥e an award...who doesn't?
    Glad you enjoy my to add yours to my sidebar!
    fee x