Saturday, 21 April 2012


We're back home from a weeks holiday in Norfolk. Having got in about an hour ago, the house, once again, looks as if it has imploded.  Suitcases, toys, carrier bags and random food items adorn every available surface.

We had a great holiday- more about that next time - but it's always good to be back home isn't it, relaxing after the journey and soaking up all that is familiar.

I'm sat here tapping away on the laptop. It's proving to be quite a challenge given that the spacebar is now broken and sticking - mysterious really since is was fine before we went away.  It joins the dodgy 'n' in it's mission to make typing-life tricky. For some reason, as yet unknown, I am declining to use the new laptop that is yet to develop it's own flaws. 

The Eight Year Old and The Husband have set about making up the 1000 piece 3D jigsaw (yes, really) that was purchased during our holiday for cost of £2.50 from a charity shop.  Getting The Eight Year Old interested in trawling through charity shops may be back-firing on me.

The Baby appears to be delighted to be back at home, exploring the spaces he recognises and is putting his new 'pushing-off-about-to-crawl-sometime-very-soon' skills to good use.

It feels as if we are all a bit light-headed, drunken in that lovely post-holiday haze, before the reality of day-to-day living kicks in once again and the imploded house demands to be restored to some kind of reality.

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