Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Today I have given The Baby his first haircut.

Something had to be done as his fringe was getting in his eyes.  I have been puting off doing the deed as I knew it would be a battle.  At nine months old, The Baby never stops moving so it was never going to be easy.

I secured him in his Bebe Pod which, for those who are not in the know is a brilliant seat which can be used on the floor or attached to a chair.  After piling up a variety of toys in front of him in a bid to distract him from the task in hand I quickly got to work.

It went ok... ish.  In the first sitting I managed to trim the front and one side. And it was only a bit jaggedy. There wasn't much time as he soon becomes more interested in the scissors than he is in his toys.  

I've just had another go and it's looking much better now.  It's funny though.  With the new haircut he looks older.

It reminds me of how quickly he is growing, these baby-days will be short lived.

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  1. Aw, first haircut! You're right, they lose a babyness with those little wisps of hair. I've put off snipping Shine's hair for this very reason. A lame attempt at keeping her a baby longer :)