Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter weekend

It seems a little odd that I haven't talked about Easter.  So here I am, talking about Easter. 

As non-church-goers we do very little to acknowledge what is, for some, the significance of Easter. The Eight Year Old has been doing his bit though.  He decided to give up playing on the Wii for Lent .  I wasn't sure what to think when he said he was going to give something up for Lent but he wanted to do it and thought carefully about what to choose.  Chocolate?  No, too hard to live without chocolate.  TV?  No, too boring to live without TV (apparently).

He had asked me to join him in this idea of giving up something for six weeks but after the two of us went through quite a list of the suggestions he came up with I failed miserably to agree to anything.  I'm more one for all things in moderation  (and sometimes in excess) rather than depriving myself of things I enjoy.  Lent or no Lent.

I have to saulte The Eight Year Old for his determination.  He found it a bit tricky near the end but he stuck to his decision.  I found it was nice having him more focused on doing other things rather than being 'lost' to the Wii for a a couple of hours here and there.  He is currently away with his Dad for the Easter Weekend and so he is still to get the pleasure of that first 'play' after being so strict with himself.

With The Eight Year Old not being here with us we did an Easter Egg Hunt with him on Friday - Pirates go a chocolate-treasure hunting....

I let out a squeal of delight when I discovered The Husband had hidden my favoutite interiors magazine Living Etc amongst the lavender bushes.  He was very pleased with himself with that one (as he should be). Unfortunately, it's going to be tricky for him to win my favour quite so easily in the future as I've recently subscribed.

Apart from that, and eating our own body weights in chocolate, our weekend continues to focus on DIY and putting our house back together after the recent work we've been having done in an attempt to improve it's condition.   Progress is slow but we're getting there.  If we ever finally 'arrive' at wherever 'there' is, then I'll share the result of our labours with you!

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