Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Weekend round-up

Over the weekend I was mainly:-
  •  in the company of my gorgeous nephew and his mum (The (US) sister-in-law); my (UK)Sister-in-law - who had found us a great place to stay and did a brilliant job of getting us organised on the food front; her husband - who was chief washer-upper and breakfast cook my mother and father in law (who were, for once able to relax and take it easy) The Husband, The Baby and The Eight Year Old

  • celebrating the 40th wedding anniversay of The Mother -in-law and Father-in-law .(the first of a few celebrations of the event over the next few months - we're a family who like to party!
  • enjoying lots of delicious homecooked food
  • making the most of the early spring sunshine on a walk around a beautiful resevoir that I can't remember the name of

  • taking long hot showers and using the loo willy-nilly whenever the need took me. Confused?  Read this 
  • eating cake

  • thinking how lucky I am to have The Husband in my life - I started thinking this once I'd got over my tantrum about us forgetting essential baby kit that I thought I'd put in a prominent place ready for packing...
  • being thankful for my beautiful children who were both on good form!

Ps.  There was also some moose head dressing...

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