Friday, 2 March 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #5

We're currently having our bathroom refitted and a shower room installed.  We're working to a tight and relativey small budget. 

The plumber - "Can I have a word"

Me - "Of course"

The plumber - "Now don't panic when I tell you this"

Me (begining to panic and imagining they've uncovered human remains under the floorboards) - "OK"

The plumber - "We've found asbestos lining the shelf where the old watertank sat"

Me - "I see"

The plumber - "We need to send it for testing before it can be removed.  If it's the 'not too bad' sort it'll cost around £500 to remove it"

Me - "How much???!"

The plumber - "And if it's the bad sort it'll be more like £1000"

I go pale and smile weakly.  We are now waiting for the test results.  At least we're not waiting for a police investigation.  Every cloud and all that...


  1. .....erm Gulp!!

    ....take a deep breath matey and I'd recommend you read this blog post:

    To buy or not to buy!

    The high ceilings the cornicing etc. etc.

    1. ...yes...the love-hate relationship with our house continues!!

  2. Oh dear :( At least a police investigation would have been free (perhaps the only plus side to human remains...). Hope it's the "good" sort.