Friday, 30 March 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #11

The one where The Eight Year Old tidies his bedroom...

The Eight Year Old:  "Mummy, I'm tidying my bedroom".

Me:  "Wow.  Really? Fantastic".

The Eight Year Old:  "I haven't finished. It's quite messy at the  minute".

Me:  "Well, it can often get worse before it gets better when it comes to tidying".

The Eight Year Old:  "Yes. I'm sorting all my books out on the shelf. Like a library.  So you can find the book you want easier.  So I had to take everything off the shelves first". 

Me:  "Ok".

The Eight Year Old:  "Do you want to come up and see?"

Me:  "Yes, why not".

The Eight Year Old  "Remember it's not finished though".

As we approach The Eight Year Old's bedroom door, the cardboard skeleton that hangs there looks on mockingly...

The Eight Year Old:  "It's not finished remember so  I've made a little walk-way through so that I can get into bed".

The Eight Year Old (proudly): "And now it's going to be easy to find any book we're looking for!"

Me:  "Well yes, there is that".  *walks calmly out of the room taking deep breaths*.

The Eight Year Old (calls after me):  "I'm going to finish it off tomorrow".

In the meantime, The Eight Year Old has, this morning, gone to school delighted to be wearing his pyjamas -for the cost of only 50p to the charity 'Shelter', all the children and teachers can wear their pyjamas today.

The Eight Year Old has, of course, taken things a step wearing his dressing gown too.  Is it possible to be eccentric at the age of eight?  He's certainly giving it a good go!


  1. Speaking as a woman who this week decided to rearrange all the furniture, and all the contents of all the furniture, in much the same manner as The Eight Year Old, I'm wishing I had the foresight to make a little walkway to my bed. It might have made navigating my way to the shower in the mornings a little easier!

  2. How's it going with finding your way to the shower now? :) The tidying of The Eight Year Old's bedroom continues... it may be a long job I'm thinking! Given the number of times I move and reorganise things I can't really hold it against him! Jx

  3. I'm finding my way to the shower and when I get there I find that the bathroom is finally fixed! (almost!)