Monday, 26 March 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #10

The Eight Year Old:  "I know of three jobs I'd like to do when I'm a grown-up"

Me:  "Tell me more"

The Eight Year Old:  "Scientist.  Photographer.  Bank Manager"

Me:  "That's quite a range.  Are you aware of how a Bank Manager spends his time each day?  I think there'd be a lot of time spent in an offfice and in meetings"

The next day...

The Eight Year Old:  "I've got three jobs I'd like to do when I grow up"

Me: "And what are those?"

The Eight Year Old:  "Scientist.  Photographer.  Chocolate maker - like Willy Wonka".


  1. :)! Hee hee!

    Soemthing tells me the eight year old could probably have a good crack at all three of the above!

    R x

    1. Yes, I think he'd give them all a good go! Jx

  2. Brilliant! Love that he had a re-think and thought chocolate maker would be more fun than a bank manager :-)

    1. :) I'm secretly holding out for the chocolate maker option... Jx