Saturday, 31 March 2012

New lease of life

I'm feeling pleased with myself today.  Having given a new lease of life to this:

It's a Welsh Dresser.  In two pieces on the floor.  One of the doors has had it's first coat of paint.

I stumbled across this dresser accidentally.  The last thing we need in our house is more furniture so I wasn't looking (promise!).  Sometimes things find us though, don't you think?  Like puppies.  And Cats.  And Welsh Dressers?! 

The Baby and I were out on one of our afternoon strolls in the sunshine.  There we were, minding our own business - me, thinking, The Baby, sleeping- making our way around the usual circuit where I seek out the quiter roads so that there is more chance of The (light sleeping) Baby staying in his slumber for longer.

I had passed the house with the for sale sign in the garden many times before.  The house, now sold, had a skip on the driveway.  I stopped for a nosey in the skip as we passed by. Obviously.  There was nothing to be salvaged.  Only then did I notice the handwritten list of items for sale which had been pinned to the 'For Sale' sign.  One of those items just so happened to be this very same Welsh Dresser.

Knowing we didn't need or have room for any more furniture I pulled myself back to the task in hand and went on my way.  Too late! The idea of looking at the dresser was in my mind and the £20 price tag was doing nothing to deter my interest.

A few days later, out walking again, The Baby and me found ourselves inside a very nice lady's house measuring up the dresser that is now sitting in our very own dining room!!

It looks a little different now though:

A few coats of eggshell paint have transformed it from it's serious and sombre self so that it can be completely at home with the rest of our 'stuff'.


  1. Wow, what a difference. Hopefully will be doing a lot of this too we move into our new home.

    1. When do you move? It's a bit of a standing joke in our house that if you were to stand still for long enough you'd get painted by me! With The Husband's love of natural wood we've had to compromise a bit!