Friday, 9 March 2012

Things I have learnt

If you are one of the select few avid readers of this blog - and , may I add, what a discerning bunch you are people  ;)  - then you may well be aware that me and The Baby are currently spending a large part of our days camped out in the living room so as not to interfere with the extensive work of the two plumbers/bathroom-fitters-extroidinare who are in our house fitting a shower room and refitting our bathroom (on a budget....apparently). 

The work was due to take about a week but, unforseen complications - asbestos shelving and weird previous pipework, not to mention falling down walls - have caused this job to now be stretching well into week two.  In reality it's looking as if we'll be lucky if it is complete by the end of week two - which is Wednesday lunchtime of next week so watch this space.

Throughout this experience so far, here is what I have learnt:

1.  It is possible to cross your legs and hold in that desperate wee for longer than you would ever imagine possible.

2.  I now reckon I could, using the tips I've picked up in the last week , tackle the tiling of a floor.

3.  Our plulmbers like to drink as much tea as we do.  That is a lot of tea.

4.  I do not like feeling like I am in the way in my own home.

5.  There is nothing good about being without a shower or bath for the best part of a week.

6.  Asking permission to use your own toilet is not good.

7.  Knowing someone you hardly know is stood right outside the bathroom as you use your very own loo and can hear EVERYTHING is not good.

8.  The Eight Year Old thinks it's funny to have to clean your teeth at the kitchen sink.

9.  Washing your hair in the kitchen sink isn't ideal.

10.  Nor is a daily sink wash.

11.  The Baby fits into the kitchen sink perfectly.

And there we have it, eleven things I have learnt in the last ten days.


Happy weekend people!  We're heading off for a weekend away in the nearby Peak District where we will  be staying with The Husbands family in a very floral rented cottage. More about that next week.

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