Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday fabulousness

After a couple of non-fabulous-friday weeks where the time has escaped me and I have failed to flag-up the fabulous, I am today, finding that I have too much fabulousness to choose from.

Do I go with the beautiful and genius 'sewing free' blankets which were handmade for The Baby and The Eight Year Old by my two creative and thoughtful Sisters-in-law who gave them to us last weekend?

Or do I choose my goregeous nephew who has been visiting from America?  At eighteen months he is just adorable and has been making us giggle with the way he copies words - there's been a lot of "oooops" after the many tumbles and bumps that accompany toddler-dom.  There have also been lots of cheeky smiles and it's been lovely getting to know him better.

Or do I choose the family time we enjoyed last weekend.  These times with the (US) Sister-in-law (usually along with her husband who couldn't make the trip this time around and was greatly missed) and our nephew are as precious as they are limited.

Or do I choose these...

Sometimes it all comes down to the simple things in life.  We may still be without a working bath or shower but we now have a choice of two loos to use as and when the need takes us!  For anyone who hasn't felt the pain of our ongoing bathroom renevations read this.

If I have to choose just one thing then of course the cheeky adorable nephew would win hands down, closely followed by the family time. 

As it is, I don't have to choose just one thing and so I present to you all of the above in all of their fabulousness!

Happy weekend people!


  1. Two loos is a fabulous thing indeed!

    1. After two weeks of intermittent loo availability I shall never again take the loo for granted! :)