Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Baby in charge

At seven and a half months old, The Baby suddenly seems a lot stronger and much more active.  His occasional roll, which took a lot of effort, is now performed regularly with ease as he manouvers his way across the living room floor in search of anything that isn't a safe toy that belongs to him.

We're at the stage where it feels too risky to leave the room, even for a minute, after carefully placing down on his playmat for fear of him headbutting the fireplace or some other hard and potentially damaging object, at the other end of the room.

The Baby is also putting his two teeth to good use in trying to chew anything and everything.  He is incredibly strong in his legs and is also making attempts to pull himself up to sitting, getting cross when his attempts don't quite pay off..

He is becoming increasingly choosy of who he wants to spend time with and is starting to become quite demanding if The Husband, The Eight Year Old or me leave the room when he would rather that we didn't.

As I sit watching him playing on the floor now he is laid on his back, banging the heels of his feet so hard on the floor that he made The Eight Year Old jump as he thought somone was coming down the stairs.  The Baby just beams up at us proudly.

Anyway, off to bed for us soon.  As ridiculous as it may sound I currently go to bed at the same as The Baby and The Eight Year Old.  I can hardly remember the last time I was up beyond 9pm.  It's the only way I can survive the ongoing night feeding - still unpredictable, one feed one night, five feeds (snacks?) the next...this is one baby who doesn't seem to care much about routine.

Thankfully I'm avoiding the likes of Gina Ford who will do all they can to make me feel like I'm a failure of a Mother for not getting us all working to a strict schedule.

I realise that I most probably need to make some attempt to iron out some of this unpredicability soon, if only so that we can all get a better nights sleep but for now, well I'm just too sleepy... night night all :)


  1. Bed by 9pm latest sounds positively delicious to me, even though I'm a year out from breastfeeding!!!

    1. Im pleased to hear it's not just me who finds the early nights appealing :)