Thursday, 15 March 2012

Art for all ages

My second week in the ArtIHeart link up with Midlife Singlemum Blog.

This picture hangs on a wall in the corridor between our hallway and kitchen.  The artists are The Eight Year Old - at the time he was The Five Year Old - and The Husband.  They sat and drew his picture when we were on the train heading to Windsor and, more importantly, to Legoland for the first time!  It was our first overnight trip as a family of three (before The Baby was even a thought in our minds)  .  The picture, for me, holds all the fun of that trip and all the optimism of our future together.

Want to see more art?  Pop yousrself over to Midlife Singlemum's blog by clicking here.


  1. Aah! Sometimes it's the simplist art that holds the deepest emotions. Lovely!

  2. Now this is the kind of art i like! And Andy Neil's really come on with his drawing ;)!

    Cheered me up on a rubbish day!

    Robery x