Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Around the world in 80 words #3

Arriving at 9pm one balmy August evening we discovered the Roman City of Nimes in South West France had a real buzz about it. Failure to pre-book accommodation was a mistake. A quick hike around the city confirmed that steeped in art and culture it may be, but there were no rooms free. There were also no trains departing until 7am the next morning. The floor of the station didn't provide the best nights sleep a girl could hope for.

This is a link up with SAHDANDPROUD where you will find lots of other fabulous destinations summed up in 80 words - I can't be sure the link is still open as it's not working for may be that everyone else has given up and gone home leaving us travelling alone.  Either way, I like it so we may just carry on regardless!

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  1. I've finally got round to commenting, and so thanks very much for joining in. Was this an adventure in your youth or a more recent experience? I always have a worry about arriving somewhere, not getting a room, and sleeping somewhere I don't want to sleep, being kidnapped, and sold into slavery. So I always book ahead. :-)