Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Home today with The Baby, The (poorly) Husband  - and this is no ‘man-flu’ this is a fully bona fide vile virus - and the two plumbers who are refitting our bathroom.    Is it wrong that I am excited - more than could be considered to be a normal amount - about having a new bathroom?  Probably gives you some idea about the state of the existing bathroom.  And also suggests I should get out more.

The Eight Year Old is at school despite feeling that today , being an extra day in the year, should be a day off school.  Fair point.  I can't disagree with him on that.  And what, I wonder, happens if your birthday is today?  Would you celebrate in non-leap years on 28th Feb or 1st March?  Or maybe you only celebrate during a leap year and age at a quarter of the pace of the rest of us. 

I'm not sure what the meaning of this post is.  It's all a bit random really.  Which kind of provides an insight into my mind today.   Hmmm, we'll leave it at that I think.  Happy leap-year-extra-day people!

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