Thursday, 2 February 2012

A special woman in my life

Todays post is written as part of the '90 words for 90 women' which was started by 'Kate on Thin Ice'  for Breakthrough Breast Cancer'.  For more information, or to join in, click here.  

She is generous and kind hearted.
Giving of her time and herself.
She is full of warmth.
She can be funny.
She can drive me mad.
We are similar.
And we are different.
Sometimes we understand each other.
Sometimes we don't.
I know that she is always there for me,
and for that  I am so very grateful .  
She’s not perfect - but I love her,
just the way she is.
I have a lot to thank her for.
An amazing Nan to my children,
she is my beautiful  Mum.

I wrote these 90 words a few days ago but wanted to save posting until today as The Parents (aka my Mum and Dad) visit us on a Thursday each week and so Thursdays kind of feel like 'our day'.  See?


  1. Just lovely and thanks so much for your support. I love your Mum's face.