Monday, 27 February 2012

Snippets of everyday conversation #4

Picture the scene.  Last Friday, late afternoon, I'm sat sandwiched between The Eight Year Old and The Baby in the back of our (small) car that The husband is kindly driving in the general direction of the Norfolk Coast. I say 'general direction' because, as usual, we are without Sat Nav or directions to where we will be staying for the weekend.  Apparently, "we'll be fine" The Husband tells me, because, "having driven there before we're bound to remember it when we get close".

Me and The Eight Year Old are sharing a bag of marshmallows.  The Eight year Old, as ever, has with him one of the hats from his trilby collection.

"Mummy look!"

I manoeuvre my head from the inside of The Baby's car seat - where I have been pulling fish faces in a bid to keep said baby entertained and turn expectantly in the direction of The Eight Year Old.

"Two marshmallows dancing in a hat"

I sit back and wonder if this is how other people travel.

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