Monday, 6 February 2012

Question... it possible to be able to snore unknowingly whilst awake? Or, alternatively to answer a question whilst deep in sleep?

I know it sounds unlikely, bear with me.

It was around the other night - I can't be more precise, it all tends to blur into one when dragging myself from sleep to feed The Baby - when I heard the familiar rumble of a gentle snore beginning to build from within The Husband who had rolled over onto his back. Feeling a little bitter that he was asleep at all, let alone sleeping soundly enough to be snoring, I muttered "oh please, it's not enough to be awake at this hour but really,snoring too???"  AND THEN I JUMPED NEAR ENOUGH RIGHT OUT OF MY VERY OWN SKIN as The Husband rolled over saying "sorry about that".

And so, answers on a postcard please!.

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