Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love is in the air

The first Valentine's Day The Husband and me had the pleasure of each others company was far from romantic.  Mainly due to the fact that the greater proportion of the day was spent attempting to catch the two pigeons that were making themselves at home in my bedroom having flown in down the chimney.  Considering we were only weeks into our relationship it's a wonder The Husband stuck around really... but stick he did.

In fact he stuck so tight that by Valentine's Day the following year he had moved in.  I woke up that year to find the house full of birds.  Beautiful origami birds he had folded with his very own hands and placed all around our home with little love notes written on them.  How lovely is that??  It made the scrappy little handmade card I gave him and the cheap chocolate hearts I'd purchased look a bit lame really.

I loved those paper birds so much so,that when we got married last year, we agreed that The Husband would make hundreds of them to decorate our venue.  There see.  That'll teach him for being a romantic show-off won't it?

Note to The Husband - I love you like crazy, funny man.  Happy Valentine's Day  :)  xxxx

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