Monday, 20 February 2012

Favourite childhood book

There is a competition currently running over on Love All Blogs (LOB) - a blogging network of which I am a part of - in association with Harper Collins.  There is the opportunity to win some childrens books simply for commenting on what your favourite childhood book is.  It got me thinking...

"What is my favourtite childhood book?" 

Hmmm.  It's difficult to narrow it down to one.  It not easy to pick a favourite anything really is it as it depends on a person's mood.  I mean, we all prefer some things to others but to select just one...well, that's tricky.  And particularly when it comes down to books.

If pushed to name just the one favourite childhood book (as I was by entering the LOB competition) I would have to plump for was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  All that oompa loompa-ing combined with a fountain of chocolate and the craziness of Mr Wonka.  I loved it.  I wanted to be Charlie - to be fair, who didn't?    I'm reading it again at the moment - supposedly to The Eight Year Old ;-)  I am reminded of the richness of Dahl's language.  The flow of the text as silky smooth as the chocolate waterfall he so delightfully describes. Fabulous!

Even just thinking about it now, I am transported back to my childhood self.  I can feel the familar comforts of my family home and I feel all sort of warm and fuzzy inside. It's funny how books, just like music, can evoke such feelings. And yet, equally, we can be whisked away by a book, transported to another lifetime, another world, a land that isn't our own.

Which then get's me thinking about why I don't currently read more than I do.  Oh yeah, that would be a lack of time thing.  Back to reality with a bump!

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