Friday, 3 February 2012

Fabulous Friday - Laughter

Feeling fabulous people?  No?  Well look on the bright least it's Friday!  And whether you like it or not, on this blog at least, it is indeed once again Fabulous Friday.  And so what, I hear you clamouring to ask, are you finding to be fabulous this week Ju?

The answer is plain and simple.  It's the sound of the funny little stunted chuckling noise that has started coming from The Baby.  I can't pretend it's a full blown belly laugh as yet  but it's definitely a laugh that seems to rise up from the very core of him and makes his eyes spill over with joy and wonder.  Popular prompts currently include:-
  • The Husband, The Eight Year Old and me singing any of the following, "Let's all have a disco", "Row Row Row Your Boat" and "Wheels on the Bus" - the extended version. 
  • The Eight Year  Old 'baby talking' to him in what I find to be a slightly scary manic manner.
  • The blowing of raspberries anywhere upon his person.
  • Facial impressions of fish swimming - best not to ask.
When The Baby laughs, it makes us laugh too.  The Eight Year Old, The Baby and me spent a good hour or so laughing at each other on and  off the other night.   And you know what, despite the threat of being  vomit-inducingly sweet, there's some truth in what they say about their being no sound finer than that of your child's laughter..  Except, I would say, the sound of your children laughing together.

Happy Friday people!

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Want to join in with Fabulous Friday?  Then please leave me a comment about what you are finding to be fabulous today.  And if you want to blog about it thne remember to link back here - I'm yet to work out how to set up a linky-thing or a 'badge of fabulousness' but will continue in my attempts!

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  1. Baby laughs are beautiful. I love it when my son belly laughs, it makes my daughter giggle and that makes my heart swell.