Friday, 17 February 2012

Fabulous Friday - Sweet Valentine

This week, 'Friday of Fabulousness' is handed over to a very special little girl I know.  This very brave four year old, daughter of one of The (very good) Friends has recently been in hospital.  She's had a really rough time of it having lots of tests for different things and also having her adenoids removed.   Throughout it all she's shown her lovely Mum and Dad and younger brother just how strong she is.  By all accounts, she's coped brilliantly well.

I love this little girl, not just for the person she is, but also for the sweetest friendship she and The Eight Year Old have.  To say there is four years between them they get on incredibly well.  The Eight Year Old has always impressed me with how gentle and caring he has been throughout this friendship, he looks out for his friend and they have fun together.  In return, today's fabulous little girl has developed quite a crush on The Eight Year Old.  In fact, she has been known to declare that she 'loves' him.

A big grin leapt onto my face this week when her mum text me to say that whilst in hospital her four year old daughter had made a Valentines card for The Eight Year Old.  Not only that but her Dad had discovered her kissing a photo of him!  With the aim of returning the favour and putting a smile on the face of our four year old friend, The Eight Year Old and me made a Valentines Day card and he signed it with love.  By all accounts our 'smile' mission was accomplished!

Me and my friend (the four year olds mum) are delighted not only to see our children being such good friends, but also that we are collecting all these stories with which to store up for potentially embarrasing storytelling in the future when our kids are all grown up.

In the meantime, to the bravest and most fabulous four year old I know.  Here's wishing you a Fabulous Friday! With lots of love from us to you.

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  1. Well said Julie matey! The four year old is indeed a very special and brave girl and like a couple of 'older than their years' book ends the eight and four year old make quite the cheeky chops pair!

    R x