Monday, 13 February 2012

The boy who lost his voice

The first day of half-term and The Eight Year Old is feeling ill with a cold and sore throat.  He is losing his voice and is quite rightly feeling more than a little sorry for himself.  I remind him of the first time he lost his voice, he would have been around two and a half or three years old I think. 

Not understanding what was going on, he was naturally upset at not being able to speak properly.  When I explained that he had a cold that was making his throat feel sore and swollen and was causing him to lose his voice he became much more upset.

In a strained croak through his tears he said "will we ever find it again?"

It was hard to contain my smiles at him thinking that the 'lost' voice of his may never be found.  Thankfully, I'm happy to report that the voice was indeed soon found.  "Maybe we should start searching again now?" I suggest.  He flashes me the exasperated look of a wise and weary eight year old who thinks his Mum is a little bit ridiculous.

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  1. Bless him poor joe :( Noreen's ill on the first day of half term too, rubbish timing - Typrical!