Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Baby talk

I can't stand it.

Why take a simple word and make it longer.  Dog, "Doggy". Duck, "Ducky"  I don't see the point.  And more than that, it makes me shudder.

As The Baby gets older I'm bracing myself for the well-meaning onslaught.  Even The Husband claims to think it's acceptable  It's enough to make me reconsider this thing we  call 'marriage' - or should that be 'marriagy?'

Baby talk. It's not cute. It's not neccessary. Stop it now please.

Aplologies to all those who may be offended in the making of this blog post. 

This piece was ispired by a tweet yesterday by @littlestuff   who said this:" Keep being smacked in the face with the use of the word 'hubby' today "shudder" " -  I couldn't agree more with that particular shudder.   Check out the Little Stuff website by clicking here.


  1. I hate baby talk too! But when my son learned to talk I found that was the way that he was learning. I particularly didn't like 'choo choo' for train, 'baa baa' for sheep and so on, but he picked up these words much more quickly than the actual words so that was how we ended talking! Luckly the phase didn't last too long!

    1. Yes, baby talk does exist for a reason I guess! When The Baby starts to 'chat' I shall keep it a secret if he utters 'choo choo' and will deny all knowledge if other people are around ;)