Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Around the world in 80 words

Started by the 'Blogging God' who is SAHDANDPROUD I've decided to join in this marvellous 'Around the world in 80 words' linky thing.  In SAHD's very own words, here's how it works:-

"Here’s the deal. Describe your favourite place, town, city, village, holiday destination, planet, service station, cafe, dungeon, day out. Or not. Describe your least favourite place. It can be funny, true, real, based on experience, or totally and utterly made up. The rule? It has to be done so in under 80 words. And you can do as many as you wish or even your take on one someone else has done. Lets do a map of the world!" 

So, here's my first attempt.  We're heading off to Italy people... 

The Tower of Pisa is, unsurprisingly, in the Italian city of Pisa.  It’s true what they say, that tower does indeed lean.  “Surely being this high up on a sloping floor can’t be right” said The Husband walking string-puppet-like to grab at the all too flimsy looking railings as we emerged from our spiral staircase climb onto the top of the tower.  Away from the Disney-film-set-esque-ness of the tourist square in which it sits, the tower stole our hearts.



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  1. Love 80 word challenge, well done! Pictures are great too, and you were very brave for climbing up! Thanks for joining us over at Loveallblogs Travel showcase! Emma :)

    1. 'Round the world in 80 words' is a genius idea! I'll be joining in again!