Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Undeck the halls

The tree is coming down, The Relatives who have been staying with us are returning home and lots of The Friends have gone back to work today.  January, with its blustery weather is well and truly upon us and is attempting to make us feel blue as we sink deeper into winter no longer having the season of goodwill to jolly us along.   

The Husband, The Eight Year Old, The Baby and me are fortunate to be able to remain in denial about this for a few more days yet . With me on maternity leave, and The Husband, - who recently returned to study at University – and The Eight Year Old are off for the remainder of the week, we’re still enjoying lazy mornings (as much as The Baby will allow), too much TV and a diet of leftovers and chocolate.

If you’re back to the normal routine this week I would definitely recommend planning something to counteract the January blues. 
As me and The Husband discovered a few years ago, you may cheer yourself up way beyond your expectations…but more about that tomorrow.

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