Saturday, 7 January 2012

Report from a galaxy far far away...

Just over a week ago we had our Star Wars themed house party for The Eight Year Olds and The Husbands birthday – I forget now which of the two of them was the most excited about the Star Wars Theme.  Somehow, despite being very last minute with our preparations (as ever!) we managed to pull together outfits that transformed us into Jango Fett (The Eight Year Old), Darth Vader (The Baby), Red Leader X-wing Pilot (The Husband) and a reasonable attempt at Queen Amidala (me).

As The Family and The Friends arrived, we added to the mix. Han Solo, 3 Princess Leias, an Ewok, R2-D2 and R4-P17, Luke Skywalker and his future wife, Mara JadeSkywalker, and their son Ben Skywalker and a walking "galaxy far far away” – a joint effort by the In-laws!

I managed to cobble together an R2D2 cake, which, although not as professional as it could have been, wasn’t a bad first attempt at using sugar paste and icing if I do say so myself. The main thing was that The Eight Year Old was impressed with it so all was well. 

You would think that after a party like that we would be glad to hang up our party hats until next year. But no.  Instead, we are planning round two – The Harry Potter themed party for The Eight Year Old to invite ten of his school friends to in a couple of weeks time.  With me being what must be the only remaining person alive to not be a complete Harry Potter Fan – I’ve never read any of the books or watched the films - then for the next two weeks just call me ‘Terrified, from Sheffield”.

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