Monday, 2 January 2012

Recipe for life

I think I first found this ‘life recipe’ in a Howies catalogue a few years ago and it’s been stuck to our fridge ever since.  We adapted it slightly by replacing one of the words (the word that, for me, saves it from being too twee) with the word ‘monkeys’ when we used it as a reading at our wedding last year – we didn’t want to shock or offend any of our guests…

  1. Take a full measure of passion.
  2. Add to this a full cup of commitment and courage (there should be no half measures in this recipe).
  3. Then stir in a good dollop of inquisitiveness.
  4. Take a large heap of emotion and pass through a fine sieve, removing any unwanted lumps of apathy.
  5. Sweeten with some love.
  6. Add a generous pinch of don’t give a fuck and a sprinkle of hope.
  7. Turn up the heat.
  8. Pour into a serving dish and savour each and every mouthful.

Not a bad philosophy to live by really as we go headlong into a New Year.

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