Monday, 9 January 2012

Rainy days and Mondays...

Ok, so it's not raining. But it is Monday, and, as it's back to the usual routine for us, it would be fair to say - to reference the Carpenters - that Mondays really do get you down! On saying that, The Eight Year Old was quite happy about being back at school... "I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and teacher" he claimed this morning when me and The Husband were more than a little grumpy to say the least.  It's not as if I even have to go to work so I've got no excuse really.  Thank goodness for maternity leave.

On  a different note, I found myself in a reflective mood over the weekend.  And it struck me that I can't really believe that The Eight Year Old is, in fact, eight years old already.  Parents are often heard saying how quickly the time goes by when you have children and it really is true.  What I find even harder to get my head around though, is that by the time The Baby is eight years old, The Eight Year Old will be The Sixteen Year Old.   Now that is a scary thought.

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