Thursday, 19 January 2012

Party planning

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I've mentioned previously that at the weekend we are expecting the arrival of fifteen, seven and eight year olds from The Eight Year Olds class, to attend his belated 'Harry Potter themed birthday party'.  Realising we were going to be seriously outnumbered (what were we thinking???) we've been lucky enough to rope in The (UK) Sister-in-Law - the other Sister-In-Law has been excused due to the fact she lives in the US...and no, she didn't just move there to escape the party, although, if that had been the case then really, who could blame her?  I've seriously been considering leaving the country myself.

The first email I sent about this to The (UK) Sister-in-Law read a little like this:-

"... we wondered if you had any time free two weeks on Sunday? If so, we're looking for a massive favour....we've promised  The Eight Year Old another birthday party for his school friends.  Currently we have 12 on the list and he wants to have a Harry Potter party at home which I think will mean we will have our hands very full!!  If you were available and willing to help out - with ideas for what we can do and in being here to help with crowd control (?) then I wouldn't be able to thank you enough.  No pressure though.  Please feel free to say you'd rather chop off your own head with a rusty bread knife."

And the response?

"I'd rather chop off my own head with a rusty breadknife.  Just kidding!  I'd love to and I'm free that Sunday so YAY!

Yes, we know how lucky we are.  Since then, after a number of chats and idea sharing emails,we have begun to piece together a plan.  As detailed in todays latest email:

"Here's the plan so far, bearing in mind, all times are approximate...

Arrival time (we already have somone arriving early at 2pm (?!) and another at 3pm because their parents are otherwise engaged later in the day).

3.30 to 4pm or 4.15pm
Wand and hat making and decorating, and coming up with spells (for the next activity)

4 or 4.15 to 4.45pm
Spells (experiments - maybe 2 or 3?), in 2 groups, 1 group in dining room, 1 group in living room.  By having 2 groups instead of 3 there will always be one of us available to look after The Baby.

4.45 to 5pm
Choolate game - I have woolly gloves at the ready!

Decorate your own pizza & biscuit.

5.15 or 5.30 to 6pm

Parents collect children (hopefuly!!!!!!!!)

Sound reasonable?"

And so, now we have a plan all that is left to do is make the cake, buy the crafting stuff, make our costumes, decide on which spells (experiments) we will do and gather all that we need for them, bake biscuits, reorganise and decorate the house, oh yeah, and make enough pizza dough for 15 pizzas - (we've tried the ready made ones, not good).

Whoever thought this was a good idea should sit herself down and give herself a good talking to.  Right then, I'm just off to have a quiet word with myself.... 


  1. You have a plan and that's more than I ever do for my childrens birthday parties (other than 1. "survive for 3 hours" 2. have wine). Good luck! You are very brave indeed. :)

    1. See how we got on...

      I'm happy to report that we did survive and that we also reached for the wine the second the kids had gone home! Jx

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