Friday, 6 January 2012

New discovery and favourite things

The Baby has recently discovered his own feet.  Perfectly formed at the end of each leg.  A bonus, there being two of them – and each with their very own five wriggly toes.  What more could a baby ask for?  He now delights in clutching at them throughout the day…when laying on his back, whilst rolling over and during nappy changes – which are becoming increasingly challenging from my perspective, it’s a little like changing a wriggly little chimp baby.  All the while, he has a big daft grin on his face as if to say “look what I’ve found and they’re all mine”. 
Although close to being his favourite thing, there is something The Baby appears to like even more than his own feet.  And that thing is when The Husband, The Eight Year Old, and me sing “Let’s all have a disco” as sung by ‘The Barmy Army’ England cricket fans – blame The Husband, he’s a huge fan of the (apparently) great game.  A rousing and energetic rendition of this song - and trust me, there have been plenty - is guaranteed to put a huge cheeky smile on The Baby’s face and then he builds up to an excited giggle-like shriek which is The Baby’s version of a laugh at the moment.

In the meantime, The Eight Year Old has surprised us by announcing that he’s “really really happy" that he got the Roald Dahl boxset of paperbacks for Christmas from The In-laws.  He’s taken to carrying the box around and we’ve already read ‘The Twits’ and are now ploughing through ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.  I’m secretly really pleased at this development but am instead feigning outrage at the truckload of unnecessary Lego delivered by Santa recently.


  1. Huge Roahld Dahl fans in our house too, what a fabulous present!

    Love the photo of the tiny feet, they hardly need any toys at that age do they?

    Emma :)

  2. Yes, a wonderful present!

    Whichever toys we try to tempt The Baby with he always finds more interest in either his own body parts or in something that isn't meant fofr him!