Sunday, 29 January 2012

My week that was

In my  regular link-up with Mummy, Daddy, and Me Makes Three blog, here's my round-up of the week...

Sunday - Harry Potter party time!  The kids were due to arrive at 3.30pm and so we had a frantic morning preparing and trying hard not to panic!  Reinforcements in the form of the (UK) Sister-in-law arrived at midday and we continued getting ready.  At 2pm I was still frantically icing the cake!!  Despite the chaos, all went very well. The Eight Year Old had a great time surrounded by his school pals.  After all the kids had left we collapsed in a shattered heap!  It was good fun, I'm glad we did it, but I'm also really pleased we're unlikely to be having another party on this scale for another year or so now!

Monday - "It was the best party I've ever been to" said one of the kids (who came to the Harry Potter party) to The Eight Year Old at school. I hate to admit it but there was a definite feeling of smug competitive parent rising up inside of me when I heard this.   We ate yet more (leftover from the party) homemade pizza - enough now people!  It's true that you really can have too much of a good thing! Still can't face the after-party-clearing-up, we skimmed the surface today but nothing major, it all feels a bit like christmas again with presents and leftovers everywhere.

Tuesday - I woke up in a very positive mood and feeling like I wanted to get stuck in to returning the house to normality.  The Husband had left early for University (he's currently re-training, studying Radiography).   He'd had a bit of a rubbish day the day before and so in the hope of making this a better day I thought I'd send him a lovely romantic text like we used to in the early days.  Seconds after sending the text I noticed his phone receiving my message still sat on the dresser in our bedroom.  Hmmm.  Still, onwards and upwards.  I got The Baby all set up with toys in the bathroom so I could have a quick shower. And seconds later all the electric upstairs cut out.  Marvellous.  I battled my way down the cellar steps - past the old tins of paint...pile of magazines awaiting recycling...other random objects with no fixed abode - and flipped the switch in the fuse box.  On returning back up the cellar steps I realised we had now lost the electric downstairs too.  Great.  Back down the cellar steps, a flip of two fuse switches and we were finally back in business! The rest of the day kind of bumbled along from there really.

Wednesday - In stark contrast to yesterday, I awoke feeling wrong - possibly a reaction to the 'topsy-turvy- type of day that yesterday turned out to be.   Sort of really stressed out for no reason in particular. Then my vision went weird followed 20 mins later by the familiar headache. Fellow migraine sufferers, you have my every sympathy. 

The Eight Year Old got stuck into some homework about Human Rights, with a little help from his Mum...and his Alien friends!  I baked a cake for one of The Friends 40th birthday.

Thursday - One of The (very dear) Friends came over for lunch.  This is The Friend I've known the longest, since we met on our first day at Secondary School. My friend's 40th birthday was the following day and she was celebrating with a party at the weekend.  As it wasn't going to be possible for me and The Husband to go to the party as The Baby is still breastfeeding and currently refuses to sleep anywhere at night other than in our bed next to me - where he sleeps like a... well, like a baby I guess! - then this pre-birthday lunch I was sharing with my friend was our celebration of her birthday. We had a lovely couple of hours together eating a 'fancy' birthday lunch that I set out to prepare but we ended up tag-teaming the lunch making and looking after The Baby.  If nothing else, the chinna we used was fancy.  It was some of the vintage china that me and The Husband had collected for our wedding last year and using it always puts a smile on my face.  I decide to use the china more often.

Later in the afternoon The Parents came over, as they do most Thursdays.  We have a few hours all together, catching up, eating dinner and generally just enjoying some plaiin old fashioned family time.  The Eight Year old, The Husband and me all baked for 'Bun Day' due to take place at school the following day. Each week a different Year Group provides the buns and this week was the turn of Year 3. All the children in the school each pay 20p to buy a bun and the money goes either into the school's fund (for trips etc) or is given to charity. We rounded the day off with The Eight Year Old, The Baby, The Husband and me piled into our bed reading a few chapters of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The perfect way to round of a really lovely day.

Friday - I began the day by helping The Eight Year Old with some last minute homework - spellings!  It was a tough start to the day for us both but our hard work paid off with him managing to pull top marks on his test!  Well done to The Eight Year Old!  The Husband was off today and so we went for a nice walk in the sunshine with The Baby.  I dedicated 'Fabulous Friday' to The Friend who had her 40th birthday!

Saturday - A lovely lazy day with little more activity than me taking The Baby for a walk in the afternoon sunshine.  The Husband prepared us a fab supper of beef pie with mash - yum!  I am a lucky girl.


  1. Sounds like the party was fab- I hope I am that creative when my daughter is old enough to care about her parties. And you completely have my sympathy with the migraines- I have suffered from aural migraines since I was 11- they used to be so bad I had to have an injection in my bum to stop the vomiting. I hadn't had one for years and they put it down to being a teenager but then randomly about a month ago I got the familiar blurred vision and within half an hour I had a full on attack. I have no idea what caused it- was so strange!
    Horrible things!
    Thanks for linking up. x

    1. From looking at your lovely blog I am sure you will rise to the creative challenge of any party request that comes your way :-)

      Sorry to hear your migraines have returned - rubbish! Jx

  2. Love the idea of a Harry Potter birthday party, I love the movies myself. Looks like a bit of a busy week. I get migraines too, particularly when pregnant. Only had 1 so far in this pregnancy but early days...nightmare.

  3. I was almost banned from attending the party because I haven't read the books or properly watched the films - I tend to glance at the screen intermittently when they are on but find my mind drifting to other places. The Eight Year Old is, I think, a little embarrased to have a 'non-Harry Potter fan' for a Mum. In the end, I think they (The Husband and The Eight Year Old) decided that maybe they needed me at the party regardless! And since then, I do feel that my knowledge of Mr Potter has improved somewhat :-)

    The week was indeed busy, I'm still recovering now!

    Migraines are vile aren't's hoping you don't suffer too badly throughout your pregnancy. I escaped very lightly when carrying The Baby and only had 2 migraines throughout. Jx