Monday, 23 January 2012

My week that was...

We were so busy with the party over the weekend that I forgot to do 'My week that was' in a link up with ' Mummy, Daddy and me makes three' blog it seems that my week was pretty much dominated by food and party planning...

Sunday - The (UK) Sister-in-Law came over for a planning session for the up-coming Harry Potter Party for The Eight Year Old (a belated birthday party for his school friends). We drank a lot of tea.  I made pizza dough for the first time - a trial run for the pizza bases I was planning to make for the party - and we enjoyed home made pizzas for dinner.

Monday - We awoke to one of those perfect crisp sunshiny frosty winter mornings.  Me and The Baby wrapped up warm and took ourselves out for a walk.  I walked, The Baby chose to snooze in his push chair.  The In-Laws came up on the train from London to visit for the day.  We were joined for dinner by The (UK) Sister-in-Law and her husband.  I made what was, I have to say, a very delicious Shepherds Pie. Strictly speaking it was a Cottage Pie (made with mince) but to me it is Shepherds Pie and that's it. End of.

Tuesday - Engergised by our walk the previous day, I decided that I would try to get out walking with The Baby as much as possible, certainly as much as the weather will allow.  So we headed off out again - so far so good!  The Eight Year Old decided he would be dressing up as Mad Eye Moody for the party.

Wednesday - A relatively uneventful day - in all honesty I can remember very little about it!  A nice dinner of roast chicken and chips for dinner though, yum!

Thursday - The Gas Man came round to move some pipes in our continuing bid to improve 'the house that Jack built' in which we live.  The Gas Man regaled us with his stories about attending Richard Hawley's 45th birthday party in a local pub. Apparently, ' 'Elbow were there but Jarvis (as in Cocker) was busy in France'. I felt envious.  It appears that our Gas Man is way cooler than we will ever be.  The Eight Year Old announced "I love science.  It's my favourite thing now" following a trip to a local museum with school to further a study of rocks!  This new 'love' of science gave us confidence for the experiments The Husband was planning for the party. The parents came over to visit and entertained The Baby and The Eight Year Old which enabled me to make twenty pizza bases as part of our party prep.  Making twenty dough bases was, I found, less pleasing for me than the mere three I'd made in my trial run!!

Friday - Me and The Husband seemed to spend the whole day shopping for the party at the weekend.  We only went to two shops - a large supermarket and an almost equally large craft shop.  By the end of our expedition we felt that we had enough 'stuff' to entertain and feed up to 15 eight year olds.  Or at the very least we hoped so.  I baked a cake for The Female Parent (aka my Mum) whose birthday was at the weekeend.

Saturday - After decorating The Female Parent's cake and making the cake for the following day's party, we headed over to spend the day with The Parents.  We had a lovely time celebrating my Mum's birthday - a low key affair with a fish and chip supper!  She very much liked the cake which made me very happy.  The Eight Year Old became very excited thnking about his Harry Potter party.  I began to feeling increasingly nervous about the prospect...aaarrggghhh!!!  The Husband ploughed on with party preparations - see the results of his efforts tomorrow!


  1. Wow that cake is lovely- I am sure it was as yummy as it tasted. And so does the pizza- damn this post is making me feel hungry. I always get confused about Shepherds and Cottage pie so I understand your pain!
    Thanks for linking up- sounds like a great week! x

  2. haha just realised I wrote tasted! I meant as yummy as it looked! x